Mobile phone screens, with certain exceptions, are created to last. While most people encounter problems as phones, such as petite electronic equipment, tend to be dropped or broken, or to just fall out of pockets.

Very often, an individual will just by a new mobile phone- but what in case you just bought yourself a brand new iPhone, iPad or Samsung phone and you cannot afford a completely new phone when all you actually need is just a screen?

Most iPhone and Samsung users love that their phones possess a clear and durable glass screen, but are also anxious regarding how to handle it if they break the glass. Similar to numerous things in life, it’s always wise to focus more on preventing the problem so that it never happens again. Try to avoid landing your phone in conditions where it might get hit or impacted. Avoid dropping it, or get it a case that protects the phone’s edges and don’t forget to add some shock absorption for accidental fails.

Fortunately there’re certain alternatives available to most mobile phone users in Airport West today.

First and foremost applies to only phones under warranty is to visit a local shop and have the screen repaired free of cost.

If this is not the option for you, you could look around online for replacement screens. You might not discover branded ones, but if you search online and find a dealer with optimistic feedback you can actually feel confident in purchasing one there.

The next step is to look into various technology oriented blogs offering detailed instructions on replacing your iPhone, iPad or Samsung’s screen. As a matter of fact, with every mobile phone model released in the past five years, you’ll find several detailed guides available to you, coupled with pictures and a bucket list of tools you might require- though in case of mobile phones you’ll just need to find a screw driver to fit.

Your third option is brought to you by the INTERNET; there are numerous shops around Airport West who will fix the bug for a reasonable price even if it’s under warranty.

Though this might not be inspiring, your mobile phone is useless with a broken screen, provided you choose a shop that has been into business for a year at least, they’ll be able to repair it for you.

Ensure to remove the SD card from the phone if you use one so as to guard your personal information and photos.