No matter which profession you belong to, there are certain rules and ethics related to every profession that you need to follow. This is of utmost important so that you do not fall prey to any accident due to negligence. And this will indicate how disciplined and well organized you are.

Your job demands cleanliness so that more customers are attracted who will be leaving their handsets in safer hands.

Have a glance over these safety guidelines for Mobile Phone Repair:

Dirt-free work station:

Agreed or not! Mobile phone repair is a hard-hitting and stressful job. But it definitely doesn’t mean that you will keep your workplace higgledy-piggledy. Keep all the tools at a safer place and within your arm reach so that whenever you need them your hand reaches out to it and with the passage of time you will be well-versed with the concerned place. And as the setting and condition of a workplace defines your habit and              character, it becomes mandatory do keep your workplace neat and clean   and not messy.

Using appropriate tools:

In order to work as a professional mobile phone repair technician, it is mandatory that you have all the tools that are normally needed. Besides, you should also possess all specific tools for a particular device you are supposed to fix.

Never replace or substitute it with other if you are in hurry. Most importantly, don’t put in hard effort to separate the front and back cover of a cell phone with your thumb’s nail. Use a plastic mobile phone opener as trying to the former way may hurt your thumb and may create hindrances in your work.

Having all required and necessary tools in place indicate your customers as in how choosy and specific you are with respect to your work.

ESD protection:

Electro Static Discharge is an abrupt flow of electricity between two charged objects instigated by any contact between them. The intensity of its current differs from one device to another.

In short, it is essential to use ESD protection. For ESD protection, you will need an anti-static wrist strap. Besides, one can also use anti-static gloves and an anti-static mat or ESD safe tools.

Note: ESD protection is not for human safety. It is for the safety of the electronic devices or gadgets on the motherboard.

Collect all small parts into a tray:

While repairing a mobile phone, you’re supposed to disassemble the gadget, so make it a point that you collect all the isolated parts in a separate container or tray. This will enable your accuracy for reassembling the handset. This will also help you remember about all the screws you have replaced and have not left any of the them.

Few patrons are very specific about these minute details and may not please with your habit of misplacing the screws. So bear in mind the loyalty of customers and work accordingly. Placing all parts in one tray is likely to save you ample amount of time as well.

Pay attention to sensitive parts:

A mobile phone itself is a very delicate object. Hence, it becomes essential to take utmost care while disassembling the device. An attempt of forcefully removing a part can damage the part or the motherboard leading to an irreversible condition.

Caution while using heating equipments:

Equipments like soldering iron, rework station, hot air gun and among others which are manually used during mobile phone repair have to be used with utmost care so that the user remain safe. An eye blink can lead to an accident. So be cautious while using these tools and have proper concentration onto the job.

Also be careful while handling IPA (an inflammable liquid) as it may cause fire if comes in contact with any of these heating equipment’s.

Protect customer’s data:

When you are about to perform a factory reset or reinstall the operating system in a cell phone, all the data is obviously deleted. The data may of be of importance for the customer, so it is always better and advised to inform the customer prior doing it.

Mobile phone repair business can be extremely rewarding, provided, it is conquered in an appropriate manner. It is always beneficial to offer specialized services to customers and win their hearts.